For Slurpers, By Slurpers

Join our community of ramen heads using web3 technology to discover delicious shops together. We're making a ramen recommendation app built on the blockchain. This lets our community own any reviews they post, empowering them to share in the value they help create. Better aligned incentives will result in higher quality reviews than our ad-based predecessors. Let's make gratitude a more powerful motivator than complaint & put an end to weaponized reviews! πŸœπŸš€πŸŒ™

Algorithmic Art

Check-in dApp

Web3 Protocol

Road Map

Our plan to build a ramen recommendation app built on the blockchain.


in progress

We're in the instant ramen phase: building our app, chasing the dream. We'll be introducing a sneak peak & a way for our community to become early members soon.


Mid 2023

We'll release our Check-in dApp, Genesis Collection, & White Paper.


Late 2023

We'll add the ability for ramen shops to post Loyalty Bounties in our Check-in dApp. This allows shops to thank loyal customers with on-chain rewards.



We'll form a DAO (decentralized autonomous organization) that decentralizes the project's governance. Our community uses their tokens to vote on the future direction of our project.


Meet the digital ramen chefs.

Maximillian Piras


Specializing in digital product design, Maximillian has crafted UIUX for apps such as 8tracks & Headliner while also selling animated NFTs since 2019.

Youhyun Kim


Specializing in software development, Youhyun has crafted video processing & recommendation engines for the likes of IAC & Headliner.